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Create and Commit -
to a New You.



You. First
Our Youth First Initiative

Our passion is teaching lasting life skills. This is a Character Development and High Performance Service unlike any other - teaching how to develop self-worth, grow in confidence, build momentum, establish mental peace, and live a disciplined and driven life, all in the immersive environment of a team sport!

We are in business because kids are mentally struggling and suffering, and our proposition is NOT to cope and reinforce problems, but to learn how pursue the best version of yourself every day. We are a mental fitness service for a reason, this is a call to more. An invitation to learn how to Live on Purpose.  


Partner with us today! Our Passion is your Progress. 

Meaning of our Logo

The "You." in our logo can only be read correctly in the mirror because that is what our mission is about - helping our players create, craft, and build the person they see in the mirror.  

The ripple effect of the logo reflects our belief that when you deliberately change a single belief, thought, or discipline connected to who you think you are, it will ripple effect through your entire life. 

1) the person looking back in the glass - YOU

2) the ripple effect nature of shifting perspective, belief, thoughts, and actions

You First original Logo-7.png

The Mission

Founder of The You. First Project

"Our passion is teaching the skills of confidence, discipline, mental toughness, and grit through premier Character Development and Mental Fitness services. This mission is about inspiring and equipping people for personal excellence. Our culture has deeply confused what it means to be a thriving human being, and we will give our everything to support those who believes there's more in life than what is being offered today. We proudly join the battle against mediocrity, and we will endeavor daily to provide the best quality products and services to positively enhance anyones pursuit of their potential. 

Our Youth First Initiative's goal is for every boy and girl in the country to arrive at the age of 18 understanding a growth mindset and how to specifically implement it into their lives through our tools and programs. 

We so often walk around prisoners of our own minds, in invisible cages of internal conversations. Each program is about learning and applying the skills to write the most important story we will ever tell: our life. You are the star and the producer, and what we are offering is a chance to flip the script and create a new character to live from. This is an invitation for you to join a community passionate about becoming a greater version of themselves. All that we require is desire and a dream."

Your Friend. 

Harrison Schertzinger


Our Daily Direction

Our passion is lasting lifestyle change.

Character Development

You First original Logo-4.png

The deliberate process of planning, practicing, and auditing who you are being into who you dream to be. Change by choice, not reaction. A term we use for the process of building the person you believe you are. Who we think we are is not who we are, it's a conversation - so when we learn to create and build an empowering conversation about who we are and what's possible for our life, the world is yours. 

1) Create: a process of building a new narrative about who you were, are, and can be. As we release ourselves from past problems, we reveal  future possibility. Meaning: we start with, who do you believe you are?

2) Conduct: systematically plan and align thoughts and actions with dreams and values. 

Result: Confidence and Character development through keeping small promises to oneself on a consistent basis over time.

High Performance

You First original Logo-4.png

Cognitive resilience built by commitment to a planned process of growth. Simply defined: endurance of the highest quality, a person armed with the ability to focus and persist through set-backs, adversity, and opposition. Mental and spiritual strength is incomparable to mere physical strength, and upon the foundation of grit, resilience, persistence, discipline, and diligence will always be built the mindset of a prosperous being. 

1) Prepare and Plan: a process requiring the learning of new knowledge and then planned action to embody what has been learned. 

2) Commit: the tracking of one's behavior to notice patters of compromise, that overtime creates a firm foundation of discipline and direction.

Result: positive mental outlook grounded in reality, backed by the indomitable human will tried and tested many times before. 

With an empowering mental and physical framework human beings can do amazing things.

Blue Limbo
"Working with Henry and Harrison has changed my life. They have helped me grow so much as a person, but also as an athlete. They taught me the importance of self-confidence and mindfulness. They explained how being mentally strong gives you an advantage on the field and in life. They have helped me reach my goals and continue to help me grow."  

Quin: U-15 lacrosse player 

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