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You. First Elite lacrosse girls club lacrosse. Girls travel teams for lacrosse.

You. First Elite Lacrosse Club

A Club for the Dreamers & Community for the Driven.

girls club lacrosse. You. First elite lacrossse.

We Exist

To raise the standard for midwest lacrosse players.
To produce players that compete and lead at the highest level.
To change the lives of every single player that comes through our system,

Your Progress is our Passion. Your Triumph is our Trophy

Our Mission

We are in the life trajectory business, and the vehicle we get to contribute through is lacrosse. Some day the lessons and lenses taken from this game will be superimposed onto the game of life, and when that day comes, our goal is that members of our teams are ready.

They will be ready for the reality of life, ready to lead and love life because of the knowledge, skills, and tools they learn here.

Harrison Schertzinger director of the You First elite lacrosse program.
You first elite lacrosse summer girls lacrosse club. Elite summer lacrosse club.

From a certain point onward,
 there is no longer any turning back. 
That is the point that must be reached.

Dare to go for more. Register today. 

you first elite lacrosse. girls summer lacrosse club.

Why Girls Lacrosse?

We believe the girls game is entering a transition period due to improved  equipment  technology, enabling a completely new style of the game to emerge. 


As we say, a style where Charlotte North will not be an anomoly, but the tale of coming attractions.

You first elite lacrosse. girls summer lacrosse club.
Harrison and Henry schertzinger, UNC mens lacrosse players. Coaches for the You first lacrosse club.

The Pursuit

How great is it to live life through, and say at the end the dream came true.

Our passion is to inspire and equip players to pursue the same level of dreams and discipline that changed our life. With community, support, accountability, and next level training any dream can be made a reality.

girl college lacrosse players. You first elite lacrosse coaches
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