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An Elite Female Lacrosse Program,
and Next Level Team Experience. 

Your Progress is our Passion. Your Triumphs are our Trophies.

Our Commitment 

Build phenomenal lacrosse players and people. 


Our passion is teaching the sport of lacrosse and the principles of how to build lasting life skills like confidence, discipline, grit, and vision. Our commitment is to push every player to see their potential while equipping them with the knowledge and tools to confidently pursue the process of becoming an ever-expanding version of themselves.


“We want every girl and family to feel like they are a part of something special. A professional environment that takes progress and the pursuit of potential seriously, and genuinely loves it. Above all that is what we will hope to inspire in each of our players, the realization that the pursuit of the greatest version of themselves is joy and privilege."

Co-founder Harrison Schertzinger

Five Main Deliverables


Lacrosse Specific Progress Plans

Progress absolutely requires effort, but it does not have to be confusing. In fact, the more deliberate and consistent we are in training, the more exponential our progress. We will equip each member with the resources to track and manage consistent work schedules. 


Winter Workouts

Embrace the midwestern work ethic and Cincinnati athleticism - the foundation of a great player is built upon great athleticism. Winter workouts will be skill and strength focused to prepare players for the Spring. We want our players to be leaders in their respective Spring teams!


*Craig Thompson at CT Performance in Blue Ash + Henry & Harrison for Lacrosse


Personal Power Profiles 

This is one area where player and personal development meet. Most people live projecting past patterns on the pure potential of the future. We will work tirelessly to make sure each player is committed to a compelling vision of the future they have consciously created, and are aware of areas of improvement in their life. We are all works in progress!


Team Camp

Team camp will be a time to unplug after a long school year and get to know yourself and teammates. Few people get the opportunity to be out in nature free from distractions - so our goal will be for each player to come to camp one way, and leave with a plan and commitment to be another. 


Three Summer Tournaments

Our firm intention is to compete in two of the top tournaments in the country. 'Summer Genesis' being one of them. The final tournament will be a retreat style experience with great lacrosse and competition. There we will be many fun activities and time for formation.

U-25 & 26 Launch Team


* Will play in 25' brackets for recruiting purposes.


As a program, we are a Results Focused and Purpose Driven - the driving desire of the Program is to utilize lacrosse as an opportunity to compete at the highest collegiate level. 

Each coach knows the sports ability to open up life changing doors and opportunities - this only happens by forging skill, building confidence, and facing better competition. Maximizing our individual potential and collective performance.  
The Elevate team will be going to tournaments with the best competition possible. The Launch team will be focused on taking the next step in preparing for high school lacrosse. 

U-27 & 28 Elevate Team



- "... not an average Cincinnati summer team" - We are here to teach and reveal greatness, we do not obsess over winning, we obsess over the process of becoming a winner. 

- We exist because of our felt obligation in this war against mediocrity. This club will not be for everyone - we are here to care for a group of young individuals and positively alter the trajectory of their life. 

- "... not just about lacrosse," but we love it. A LOT. 

Untitled design-15.png

Player Development

The building of a great player starts with a dream and desire, then is built one day at a-time through tenacity of purpose and honesty of pursuit. We take growth and development very seriously, but more than anything we want to cultivate an attitude of "love for a dream." Energy and work is required to bring a dream to life, but when we love a future reality with all of our being, the work, pain, and sweat required does not peril to the passion of the purpose we have set out upon. 

Untitled design-15.png

Personal Development 

A building is inextricably connected to the size of the foundation, and nobody can build the life they do not believe themselves capable of achieving. Expanding each players belief in themselves and belief for what is possible in their life is a fundamental endeavor of ours. Along with the skills, principle, and tools we will equip players with - our pride is seeing new belief in each persons eyes as possibility and potential is seen clearly for the first time. This is a program built on becoming a new You.

Harrison Schertzinger

Director of Character Development

- Player at the University of North Carolina 

- High school All-America in two sports

- Player of the Year in soccer 

- Founder of The You. First Project

- Author "The Angel in the Marble"

Sydni Black

Coach for Elevate

& Launch  Teams

- Player at the University of Loyola

 - 2021 Loyola’s freshmen leader in every statistical category 

- US Lacrosse All-America

-First team All-State in 2019

Henry Schertzinger 

Director of Player Development

Head Coach for Launch & Elevate

- Player at the University of North Carolina 

- Played in a total of 46 games.

- Founder of The YAE-WAY Project Ministry

- Two-time All-American

- Ohio Player of the Year

Untitled design-27.png

Coach for Launch & Elevate

- Player at Stetson University

- All-State First team Ohio

- Single season goal record at Walnut Hills.

- Passionate lacrosse Instructor

Georgia Goering

Register for Tryouts
August 7th 

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Times / Location

2027&2028s: 2:30-4:30
2025&2026s: 4:30-6:30

*Location : Drackett Fields in Terrace Park.

1017-1099 Elm Ave, Terrace Park, OH 45174

Lax Reg.
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